Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today is the fifth anniversary of this blog. I wanted to make sure to post today since I missed it last year. I was a little busy getting ready to leave France and all. 

A disclaimer--I'm a bit under the weather today, so I haven't given this as much thought as I'd hoped...but here goes. While I haven't given the blog as much attention this year as when I first started,  it still means a lot to me, particularly as a diary.  It has helped me see some of my patterns though not necessarily resolve them. I doubt that I will ever completely resolve the issues that keep me out of a long term relationship, but that doesn't mean I haven't learned anything from the blog. I'm happier than when I started writing it. I also believe in myself more as a writer, though I have unresolved issues in that area too. Ah, issues!

I do love the way the blog helps me look back on my life and remember how I was feeling or what I was doing at a particular time. It really is my journal, though edited for public consumption.

In that spirit, I will share with you two stories from the last two days that I would certainly forget otherwise.

Last night, in the metro, I saw a man--probably late 50's--in one of those little scooter-chairs (not a wheelchair) put himself on the escalator. I knew it was a bad idea and I watched as the escalator moved his scooter to an almost perpendicular angle.  Then it fell. I rushed to the escalator and tried to catch him. His things fell all over, including a laptop, and he was tangled up in his chair. A few other people saw what happened and rushed to help the man. The chair started slipping back on me and pushed into my leg. A large man was now at my side, holding the chair. I was scared about what would happen when we got to the top of the escalator. It was one of the short ones that connects the platform to the main station level. Another man appeared behind me, offering to help. I got out of the way as I said, "You look stronger than me."

Just as the chair got to the top of the escalator, it stopped. Apparently someone at the other end had found the station manager and he showed up just in time. The two men behind the chair and at least two more people at the top of the escalator, helped pick the man up and disentangle him from the chair. Another many gathered all of the man's things and put them in his backpack, including the laptop. The man looked to be okay.

The whole thing was terrifying. The man who fell apologized but no one cared. We all knew that what he'd done was  dangerous. He may even have been seriously hurt...but all that mattered was that he was in trouble and at least five people dropped everything to help him. I thought, as I walked away, down the stopped escalator, "We all do foolish things, even when we know better." It's nice that people will still help you even when you caused the problem.

Today, another thing happened that was funny and not terrifying at all. I had to get some blood drawn--something I've had done rather more frequently than I'd like in recent days (I'm fine--and luckily, I'm not squeamish). The lab guy greeted me in an unusual way and it took me a second to realize that he'd said, "Greetings!" he then added, "Salutations!" Then, he proceeded to stick me quickly and painlessly. He was faster than any of the other folks who have drawn my blood, which must be why it didn't hurt. I said, "I didn't feel a thing!" He said, "I know," rather quietly, and after a slight pause, added, "thanks." Oh no, quirky lab guy, thank YOU.

And, dear readers, thank you. Thank you for sticking around, keeping me company and being my friends. If you'd like to leave a comment, that would be great. However, if you only want to make one comment a year, hold off until my birthday, which is coming up in a few months. I will probably ask for a comment then as a present. Cheers!

Grateful for: the blog.


  1. Sticking around...pun intended?

    So why is it an anniversary and not a birthday?

    I enjoy your blog and all the topics covered: work, relationships, knitting, travel, etc.

    Here's to five more!

  2. Happy anniversary, Jamy! Here's to another five years or however long you want to keep writing.

  3. Congratulations! I don't remember how I started reading your blog--probably a link from dcblogs--but I'm glad I did. You write well. Best wishes for a good new year.

  4. Happy anniversary :)

  5. I'm still reading, I'm just not very good at staying in touch these days. Happy anniversary and Happy New Year!

  6. We've both been at this for the same amount of time. I wonder which one of us will last the longest? I really enjoy your candor on life. You tell it like it is, and that's the only way to do it.

  7. Hi all and thanks for the well wishes.

    CK: it's not my birthday!

    Thanks Kristin, jcd and 12.

    Amanda: good to hear from you!

    Barbara: I continue to enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for kind words.

  8. happy anniversary! i'm glad i found your blog.

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