Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Is it so wrong that while I'm happy to be going to NY to see my mom, uncle, cousins and (briefly) brother, I'd sort of rather stay home and do a whole lot of nothing? Instead, it's going to be go-go-go to a show, to NJ, to a museum, etc., etc. It will be fun and I will enjoy it because I love NY and always find it energizing. But it's not a restful vacation.

I also managed to talk my new boss into letting me work at home tomorrow morning. I knew I'd be a bundle of nerves if I came in and I honestly think I can get HEAPS more done if I sit at home (or across the street at the coffee shop) where it's quiet and read, read, read. I'll be honest about it though...if I don't get work done, I'll just take the whole day off. If I turn out to be productive, then so much the better. But it will save me the time getting to work and then back to the bus station and that will be a very good thing.

Also, this new boss, while very pleasant, is an over-apologizer in the extreme. Yesterday, she gave more comments on a document when I thought it was done. The comments were fine, though not vital, and did cause me a bit more work. But, you know, that's how it goes. And it really was fine. But what caused the most annoyance was the dozen or so apologies that came while she was telling me what the problems were. Actually, she kept asking and then explaining herself over and over. I'd added a paragraph and she thought it should go. I explained why I added it and said, "I'll take it out. I don't care." And then she said several times that she didn't understand why it was there and might it give the wrong impression and did we really need to say it now...and I said, "Sure, I can take it out." And then she'd start again. Oy.

I've had MUCH WORSE boss problems. I'm pretty sure I had an annoyed look on my face and I wish I hadn't. Her comment was reasonable and I was just as happy to take the paragraph out (or leave it in--I didn't think it mattered). She had to decide and I think she wanted me to decide. Hmm. Ok, next time, I will decide! Hopefully that will spare me from having to tell her to please stop apologizing.

And...that's it for now! Later.

Grateful for: a pleasant boss.

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