Monday, November 23, 2009


Let's not give up on this so soon. So soon? I don't have a plan to give up the blog.  And that's all I'll say about that for now.

I had a mighty lazy weekend. I would feel bad about that but I realized that I needed it to make up for the upcoming rush-rush Thanksgiving break. It seems like a break but since I'll be traveling and spending a lot of time with my mother, it's not exactly a break. I will be getting away from the day-to-day of work and home, which I like to do. But it won't be relaxing and will certainly be more stressful and anxiety-provoking that almost any of the ways I'd be spending my time if I were to stay home over Thanksgiving.

I did get a few things done this weekend though. Ever since I got back from France, I'd been planning to hang some curtains in my living room. I've only ever had window shades in there and while I like the clean look of the white shades, I also feel a draft when I sit on the sofa near the windows. Curtains would help with that and I bought some at Ikea, plus extra hardware, but I never got around to hanging them. It's getting cooler now and got it all done on Sunday.

What did I have to do? Move the sofa away from the wall. Realize it's disgusting under there. Borrow the very long level/ruler from the hall closet. Get the step-ladder from the kitchen. Pull out the electric drill. Search for wall anchors and screws. Measure and mark the correct placement of the curtain rod holders. Drill. Change drill bit to correct size. Drill again. Place anchors. Screw in curtain rod holder (repeat three times). Before hanging curtains, vacuum all the plaster dust from around the windows and on the floor under sofa. Hang curtains. Adjust placement. Secure curtain rod. Replace furniture. Put away tools and hardware. Do a half-hearted vacuuming job in the living and dining rooms. Put away vacuum cleaner. Admire new curtains. They really do change and improve the look of the living room. Who knew?

Grateful for: a finished project.

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