Saturday, October 17, 2009


That's what I get for being complacent, thinking things were "good enough." Work is going ok. I'm not unhappy. I'm not thrilled but I'm reasonably interested in what I'm doing and I'm optimistic about the new boss. If she does a good job, then I may actually get to happy--she gets to deals with the administrative headaches and I get to do interesting work. Sounds good to me. I was ambivalent about the job but I would have relished the challenge. Hopefully I can find challenges elsewhere.

Say, for example, in my personal life. As of last night, I no longer have a boyfriend. I was dumped. Damn, I was NOT expecting that. I thought it would be up to me to end things, when and if it was time. Sure, the time was probably coming, but I wasn't sure. We argued too much. It wasn't easy enough. But I liked him, I liked having a boyfriend (sigh) and it was handy. Not having a boyfriend is decidedly inconvenient.  Other than my usual bout of self-pity, though, I'm not suffering too much. The last break-up was a lot harder. I'm not sure if that helps.

What can I tell you? I still think Curt is a decent guy. At least I didn't choose another asshole or loser. I just tried to make it work with someone who, in his own words wasn't "right for me." Oh well.

Grateful for: patience.

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