Saturday, October 10, 2009


A quick note on what happened with my erstwhile co-editor. (You know, I co-edited a newsletter for AGES and it was never anything less than a pain in my ass. I'll be the editor or an assistant--but I'll never co-anything again. So not worth it.)

The fella sent me an email on Friday, after I'd left for the day (we got out early due to Columbus Day--but I did stay a couple of hours after our early dismissal 'cause I was working!). I'd written, "Consider it handled." He wrote, "Consider what handled?" I talked it over with Curt, who actually thought my initial message was confusing (which is fine) and we decided that I wouldn't answer. I can claim to have not seen the message. And if he shows up on Tuesday with the intro written, I'll decide if I want to incorporate his work with mine.

As to the article he was supposed to read, I finished that on Friday and got the comments to the author, who now has time to make the (minor) changes by Tuesday. Dude.

I am having a hard time getting a lot of writing done, but I'm trying. I have about a page of notes. I think I need something about two or three pages total. I'll do the best I can.

I did a bunch of shopping yesterday and got started on all my mundane household tasks: mending, laundry, pics of knitting (coming soon). I still have a bunch of cleaning to do but I decided that, despite the need, cleaning is my lowest priority for the weekend, after work, exercise, grocery shopping and cooking. If I can get all that done, and still have energy, I'll clean.

Grateful for: a plan.

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