Sunday, October 11, 2009


I know you all are dying to see some of my finished-product knitting. Ok, one person is interested. I do try and take pics of my knitting, though I often give things away before I get a chance. When I do take a picture I upload it to Ravelry or stick it on Flickr. Taking clear, true-to-color pictures of knitting is surprisingly difficult. I did my best and these should give you some sense of what the items look like.

First, this is the triangular shawl I made for my sister-in-law in Israel. Once I blocked it, I couldn't get the whole thing in frame!

Here it is unblocked:
Black shawl, unblocked

Here's a sock I'm working on. The first one is almost finished, as you can sort of see.
Waving lace, close up

More socks. I finished these when I was in Seattle in September...
Eyelet socks

Oh, and here is Curt modeling the socks I made for him:

Ok, maybe that's enough knitting for now!

Grateful for: a hobby I love.

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