Friday, October 30, 2009


(Note to self: do not apologize for not blogging, do not apologize for not blogging, ad infinitum.)

I have to say, things are going well. Much better than I would have predicted a month ago. Work is interesting. I'm not bored and I don't hate it. When was the last time I said that? I have a new project that I researched and wrote up the "statement of work" for in a little over a week. I'm unreasonably pleased with it and looking forward to seeing the project all the way through. It's not even one of those projects I was hoping to get--it's something new, high-profile, and now that I've written the first pass, I'm ready to take it on.

What I know about myself is that when I actually get working, especially if it's a lit review + writing deal, I work fast. That means I'll be ready to pump out the next project in just a week or so. Great!

Socially, I am reaching out a little. I joined a book group and have already enjoyed a lively internet conversation (about old movies) with another member. I'm making friends with a woman on my soccer team, who, after having dinner at my house, invited me to about three other events (including a trip to Montana to visit her in-laws--she could tell I was a little surprised and she explained that she and her husband like to bring friends along because his mom is a little nuts--heh).

I also got email from a "now actually in the army" Kent. Very short but sweet. The last email I sent him was right after Curt broke up with me. Always good to hear from Kent and I'm kind of touched that when he had brief access to a computer he took the time to write to me. He is a good guy and if he'd been open to it, I would have kept him. His friendship means a lot to me. He's always consistently encouraging and sympathetic and usually knows just the right thing to say. I know that if we were in person and I were losing it around him, he'd remain calm and supportive (a right contrast to Curt!).  Anyway. Enough of that.

Real life is good and lively enough. I spent a bit on semi-practical treats for myself after the break up and I'm thoroughly enjoying them. I got a clever bento-style lunch box and I've been using it almost every day. I got some new shoes that are extremely comfortable--but unfortunately look a little bit like slippers, though they are quite sturdy enough for a day hike. Their improbable looks haven't kept me from wearing them to the office for the last two days, but they look a lot less silly with my jeans today than my work trousers yesterday.

I also bought a passel of yarn. I'd been trying to hold off but I was itching to get my hands on some new stuff for baby blankets. I had a niece get married in the spring and I expect she'll be expecting soon enough. Another niece is likely to get married in the winter, so I went ahead and got another color for her. I haven't started these blankets yet since I'm still working on a couple of pairs of socks (one for me, one for Mom) and have a stalled out shawl and sweater. I've pretty much decided the sweater is a lost cause. I need to rip it all the way back and knit a simple sweater VEST instead for myself. I have a lot of cardigans but no vests and I know I'd get a lot of use of it. Plus a vest is so much easier than a cardigan! Not sure when I'll get to it, but within the next month. I also have a scarf to make for a nephew and nephew-in-law, but I think no rush on those either. Also, I really want to make something for Kent. Way back when (he was still my bf!) I knit him a hat and fingerless gloves. I think he got good use out of both those items. Now, don't you think he could use some warm simple socks in the army? We'll see.

I am keeping busy but not too busy. Just enough to get me out of the house and tire me out a bit. I have a happy hour tonight, soccer tomorrow, Halloween party tomorrow, mystery movie screening Sunday (not a mystery movie, rather a rough cut of something I can't blog about--it probably won't be too exciting). Plus I need to go grocery shopping, cook for dinner and lunches and do a whole bunch of knitting in there. I kinda doubt I'm going to make it to the movies.

Last, this is how I tied my shoes today. Ian's shoelace site is hilarious and pretty cool.

Grateful for: good cheer and opportunities.

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