Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another day...

I had a pretty good, slow, semi-productive weekend. Curt was out of town, which was initially disappointing, but it turned out to be a good thing. I had a lot of things I needed and wanted to do and I got most of it done. I did want to clean the house but managed only laundry and dishes. Floors will get mopped...someday. It's a little gross but, really, it's not a high priority. After a day of running around shopping, walking, cooking, I don't want to mop--I want to knit for an hour or two.

On my guest editing gig, I got a very rough draft of the guest editor's intro written over the weekend. Today I received the revised and final versions of all the papers and most of my time was spent reviewing them. I am not satisfied with what I've written for the intro and I got the deadline extended until next week. My erstwhile co-editor got in touch and said he'd have something for me by tomorrow--if I wanted. After talking it over with the main editor, I decided to tell my co-editor not to bother. And, according to the main editor, I won't be "co" anymore, I'll just be the "guest editor." As it should be. What's nice is that I didn't have to ask him to make this change, he just volunteered it. (Even crazier is that the editor is my now-former most disliked supervisor! It's all about context.) So, I have a few more days to work on the intro and maybe a little bit of time for other projects. Whew.

I also met my new boss today, very briefly. She was held captive by our stultifying (dis)orientation process all day and didn't show up until around 5pm. We shook hands and she said it was nice to meet me. I nodded. She said, "I'm really looking forward to working with you." Pause. "And everyone else!" I'm sure they told her I expected to get the job. Hey, at least she's playing nice, points for that. As for the rest, we'll see. I'm actually kind of interested in my work right now. If that continues, and she's reasonable, that would be great.

And the rest continues as well. How have I managed to have a boyfriend this long? Wild. But he does make me a little crazy sometimes. Today, we were talking on the phone and I asked him, jokingly, if he has plans for Halloween. Turns out he's invited to a Halloween party (the week before, but it is a costume party). First I've heard of it! My thought, why didn't he invite me? Now, the party is in his hometown, which is a couple of hours drive away. He goes up there pretty often (every other month?) and I haven't expected him to invite me. I have wondered when/if he will invite me. He always stays with his parents and that is a bit of an awkward situation, so there's really no need to worry about including me. Not to mention I'm fine with a boyfriend-free weekend now and then.

But going up just for a party? Hrm. When he told me, I laughed. Then I said, "I want to say what I'm thinking but I don't think you'll like it, so I won't."

He said, "I think I know what you want to say. Go ahead."

"No...it's ok."

"You're thinking, 'why didn't you tell me?'" He said.

I said, "Well, no. I was wondering why you didn't invite me."

"Oh." He paused. "Do you want to go?"

I laughed again. The upshot was a sincere invitation (lordy) but the reason why he didn't ask me originally was that there's no place for me to sleep at his parents' house.  I didn't ask for details.  I pointed out that I have a good friend in his town (and I've stayed with her before). I've recently re-connect with this friend on facebook (it's good for something!) and I was thinking I'd like to visit her soon and I'd hitch a ride up there with Curt. So--if it's cool with her, maybe I will be joining him at the party. Does this mean I need a costume?

Grateful for: equanimity.

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