Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I've been meaning to write because my last post was such a bummer. But, oh well. I had a not very busy, but rather pleasant, long weekend spent obsessively using my brand new toy: an iPhone. I impulsively bought it on Friday, heading home after an afternoon happy hour prompted by our pre-holiday early dismissal. I was a little tipsy and the AT&T store was on the way home...so I went in and not an hour later I walked out with a new, fully functional iPhone in hand. Crazy. It is a lot of fun and very useful but possibly not essential. Oh well. But fun!

My weekend was pretty lazy. I was tired and I mostly rested. I did walk all around on Saturday but I didn't go out in the evening. I took a little run on Sunday but that was my only exercise. Curt came home on Sunday afternoon so I saw him that evening. (A family emergency took him out of town on Tuesday so we hadn't seen each other all week but we talked a few times.)

I like spending a long weekend like that, just taking care of things around the house, doing shopping and playing with toys. A little boyfriend time is nice too, of course.

As to work, well, it's annoying. I'm having a hard time getting back to it but I will, eventually, I'm sure.

Grateful for: my lovely new toy.

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