Friday, August 14, 2009


I am stuck in the sense of not making time for writing and not doing much actual work. What holds me back from the blog writing is knowing I have work to do. I'm not doing the work but I can't do the writing until I get the work done...and, thus, deadlock.

But, heck, I'm going to go ahead and write something because maybe it will help get me started on the work!

Personal life: just fine. Curt and I are getting along well. A wrinkle: I'm engaging in a bit too much advance planning for his taste. If it were up to him, we'd make plans a day or two ahead. I'm fine with that but some things need more time (like if you want to get a good reservation for restaurant week). I don't want to overwhelm him but it's such a luxury to have someone to plan with that I can't always restrain myself. In the end, he doesn't seem to mind (much), so I think we're ok.

Work: what can I say? I have stuff to do. Objectively interesting stuff. And, as usual, I am not doing it. I just...don't want to work. I can't think of any job that I would like. No, wait. Travel writer. Advice columnist. Blogger. Someone pay me and I'll get started on that new career....

Randoms: took two buses today. Bus driver #1 stopped to say hi to a friend. The friend got on, gave her (the driver) a big hug and kiss on the cheek and she called him "boo." After the warm greeting, he said, "6:10?" She said, "6:10? 6:10! Ok." And we drove on.

Bus driver #2 spied a bus heading in the opposite direction and yelled out his window to catch the other driver's attention. Then they confirmed plans for later on at his house. Ok.

The other day, walking out of the metro, a man passed me on the platform and then, somehow, I still beat him to the escalator. As we stood side-by-side, he remarked, "You got here first anyway." I laughed. Then he said, "Are you a teacher?"

What is it about me that makes people think I'm a teacher? Since I've been asked this since my early 20s, when I looked old enough to have a real job, I know it's not because I'm "old." I always thought it was my glasses. Now I think it must be the same reason that people often ask me for directions: I look like I will know what I'm talking about and I'm friendly enough to approach. Do teachers look like that too? Kindly and knowledgeable? I guess there are worse things.

Now: work.

Grateful for: a friendly appearance.

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