Monday, August 24, 2009


Last week, I went to the gym once. The week before, I went five times. (Five is the max since I use the gym at work.) This week, I've been once today and will try and make it tomorrow--then I'm out of town for a few days.

I am trying to make the gym a habit again. It's been a habit from time to time but, while I enjoy physical activity, I don't particularly like the artificiality of the gym. I sort of like walking to work but getting up early enough to do so is at odds with my late-sleeping or early-rising-futzing-around-the-house tendencies. Plus, it's too hot. I am more likely to walk home, actually, but having a boyfriend who I meet after work once or twice a week makes that less likely to happen.

So, it's back to the gym and weekly soccer. If I want to not die playing soccer, I have to keep up with the gym. However my approach to exercise is problematic. I have a tendency to overdo it. I finally figured out that when I overdo it and ache for a couple of days, it means I'm less likely to go back. I have resolved to under do it, at least temporarily, and slowly build up my strength and stamina. After I get some "base" fitness (whatever that means), I'll ratchet up the intensity. But what I'm struggling with now is consistency.

Last week, a few things threw me off. A late night on Sunday meant I was too tired for the gym on Monday. Plus, I had a ton of work (for once). I made it on Tuesday. Wednesday, I was working like mad (really!) and missed yoga. Since yoga was on the agenda for the gym that day, I didn't go in and do something else. Thursday, I had a most of the day meeting. Friday...hmm...ah, more crazy work! Again, I could have made it to the gym but since Friday is a yoga day and I missed the class, I just blew off the late afternoon opportunity that presented itself. Oh well.

I am pleased that I made it in today. Once a week isn't enough but it's better than nothing. Next week will be my next chance for five days. I wonder if I can do it.

Grateful for: a plan.

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