Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I so did not make it to the gym today! Found myself in an endless work cycle of enjoyably challenging programming. It's a shame I'm not a better programmer because I so like the work. I'm pretty sure I'd find it boring if it were all I had to do, though. It was good to be busy all day--I barely had time to get lunch--and I wasn't hungry so all I had was a yogurt and some chips. I'm sort of running on fumes but I had a huge (and lovely) dinner last night so I think I'll survive.

I'm writing this quickly because I have to leave for NY momentarily. I'm running up for a work thing and will combine that with seeing friends and family. I've persuaded Curt to join me for the weekend and we should have a good time (even though he's not so sure--he's not a NY city lover like me).

I am not bringing my computer which probably means no blogging though I should have internet access where I'm staying. Frankly, I don't think I'll have time and I didn't want to deal with the weight and safety issues of carrying my laptop around Manhattan. Maybe next time...

Ah, New York--here I come!

Grateful for: the big city.

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