Monday, August 31, 2009

New York, NY

I got back from New York and I had a great time. It wasn't perfect but everything went much better than expected.

First, my training. I was worried that the subject was over my head but that turned out not to be the case at all. I learned a lot and enjoyed a little exposure to statistics and computer programming. I don't get to do that kind of work every day but I enjoy it when I do.

Second, my uncle. I stayed with my uncle in Manhattan. I like him (as well as love him) and we had a good time catching up. Not only did he host me with complete graciousness (as always), he was also a kind host to Curt, who joined me on Friday.

Third, my brother. B1 was unexpectedly in town on the weekend but didn't even ask me to come to New Jersey (where he lives). Instead, the whole family (B1, Sister-in-law, two nieces and a nephew) met Curt and me in Manhattan for light museum-ing and an early dinner in Chinatown. Fun.

Fourth, my boyfriend. Curt was not super enthused about this trip but after he said he'd come, he never changed his mind, even though it was rather more meet-my-family time than expected. Part of his hesitation was that, even though he grew up in a major American city, the hustle and bustle of New York is not for him (which is a shame because I LOVE New York, but long ago realized that I don't need to live there). He reassured me that he'd be fine when he arrived and he was. We had a few testy moments, but they passed quickly and we not only had a better time than I anticipated, but good enough that I wouldn't hesitate to travel with him again.  He enjoyed meeting my family, though it provoked a little anxiety, and I was very happy that he was more-or-less at ease. I never felt that worry I sometimes do when presenting a boyfriend to friends or family. Curt is a decent guy, but more than that, he is extremely well-behaved in social situations.  He is careful not to offend or cross potential lines--he doesn't push. And while he isn't like that when we're alone, thank goodness, I am grateful that it is easy to take him out in public. You can trust him. Me, now, that is a completely different story. (Ok, it's not. I'm the same way with strangers, but with my family, I don't have to watch myself, they are used to me.)

We had such a good time, despite a moment of snappishness from me at the train station, that we ended up spending Sunday night together too. That is a whole lot of togetherness for us.

Last, I did way way more shopping than I'd anticipated. What did I buy? Two new pieces of practical lingerie, a diary/planner for 2010, a Moleskine "city book" for New York (came in very handy--no regrets), two paperbacks, and two skiens of sock yarn. Actually, not too crazy, and some even "necessary." It is just so much easier to find anything in New York since there is so much of everything. Ah, I do love New York.

Grateful for: a good mini-vacation.

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