Monday, August 17, 2009


Last night, Curt and I went to dinner at "The Melting Pot," which is a fondue restaurants. The last time I remember going out for fondue was on my eighth birthday and I had the waiter sign my autograph book. (Curt: Why? Jamy: I was eight. How should I know? Likely answer: I had no idea what the actual purpose of an autograph book was so mine contains signatures of friends, that waiter and a Miss Tennessee that happened to show up at a friend's slumber party.)

Anyway. The restaurant was Curt's idea and it was fine with me. He was inspired go because of the premiere of Mad Men last night, a show we're rather taken with. Now, I think fondue is bit more early '70s than early '60s (I think), but, whatever. Unfortunately, it was pretty bad. And expensive. Generally, the quality of the ingredients was fair to middling, the flavors bland or only mildly interesting. Plus, we felt pressured to get more than we actually wanted. We could have happily shared an entree after having the cheese fondue as an appetizer. Instead we each got an entree and it was too much. No dessert fondue, though. Yet, it cost the same as if we'd gotten one of the "big night out" fixed-price four course options promoted at the beginning of the menu. Everyone we interacted with also asked if it were a special occasion. Our waiter was attentive to the point of unctuousness. All of this made for a rather disappointing experience that only grew worse upon reflection. I can see fondue being more fun with a big group on a special occasion but the quality still doesn't justify the price. Geez--it's quite a racket, though, to have folks pay that much to cook their own food! I may just have to scare up a yard sale fondue set and do this right with Curt sometime at home.

The good news is that the Mad Men premiere was very good and not disappointing. I look forward to watching the rest of the season (with Curt!).

The rest of the weekend was busy and good. Went swing dancing with friend CK for the first time in ages on Friday. Good fun. Had an out-of-town friend come to stay overnight on Saturday and got a little nuts shopping for dinner and prepping the house. Curt was extremely good and helpful on this front--we talked during the day and he picked up on my anxiety and told me to stop cleaning and lie down for a bit. He also brought bunch of stuff that I didn't have a chance to shop for. Plus, he did all the grilling. It was like having a co-host and it really calmed me down and make it easier to enjoy seeing my friends. I can't thank him enough for that.

Work today: Getting things done one tiny step at a time. Better than nothing. Blah.

Grateful for: help.

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