Monday, August 10, 2009


So good to be home. Not so good to be back at work...but that's a post for another time. I've left myself no time to write today, so here is a bit of the story of the last couple of days...
  • Ridiculously turbulent flight that scared me a little but require no self-medication. It is SO good to not be a white-knuckle flier anymore.
  • Still not back to an East Coast sleep schedule. Someday.
  • Very happy reunion with Curt on Friday. He actually missed me. Yes, I like him and he's not a bad boyfriend either.
  • Helped a friend do some interior house painting on Saturday. Way more tiring than it would have been under other circumstances. I was happy to help but that was it for me. She'll have to be grateful for what I was able to do (I think she is).
  • Sunday, went to my favorite little coffee shop and then did a lot of work around the house. Some vacuuming, laundry, bedroom-rearranging. Got in plenty of knitting and tv-watching too. Plus saw Curt in the afternoon for lunch.
  • Very full weekend but also relaxed. I just wish I could spend all my time in that kind of low key activity.
  • Back at work probably the most productive thing I did was make it to the gym. Hey, it's something.
Grateful for: an easy transition back to home.

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