Saturday, August 01, 2009

Home again

As I’ve mentioned before, I went to college early. On Friday, Mike and I decided to take a drive around campus.  I met Mike when I was 14 and he was…16? We found ourselves pointing out familiar places to each other and trying to name the buildings before we could see the signs.

Since the entrance to campus is right near the annex that held our special classroom and lounge—the place where we first met and spent a huge chunk of our free time—we decided to take a closer look. We parked the car and peeked into the windows since the building was closed. We saw new crappy furniture and a slightly modified space, but it was essentially unchanged and very familiar. We found some sidewalk chalk and Mike suggested we leave a message. I wrote this (initials redacted):

It was goofy and fun and a little surreal. I’m glad that no next generation EEPers were there to bear witness. I would like to see their reactions though.

Grateful for: old friends and old places.

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