Friday, August 21, 2009

Hard work

When I have a project that I like and it has a deadline, I don't stop working. I work right through lunch, skip yoga and forget to drink my coffee.

When I have a project that I find tiresome, I continually check my email, read blogs and otherwise distract myself. If it's a reading project, it sometimes help to knit and read. (I always have a simple knitting project with me for just this purpose.)

I am bored by the majority of my work tasks, which isn't news. But it becomes oh so clear when I get an assignment that I enjoy. I dig in and stay dug until I finish. It's not that I don't fiddle around with email, etc., while working, but I don't stay away long. Those are the little breaks I need as a rest from the main job. But when I am trying to read something tedious, the refreshing breaks get longer and longer and the reading less and less.

How sad is it that the most interesting thing I've done in weeks is some simple SAS programming?

Oh well.

Grateful for: productive days.

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