Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy days

After that last post of misery, I want to get something published in a happier vein.

Yesterday was a good, mellow day. Mom and I went to the Pike Place Market. We didn't shop, just wandered, but it was pleasant. We took the dog and he was sniffing the ground like crazy--he was on the trail of who knows what.

After the market, we headed a bit further south to the Tom Bihn factory. My friends know that I am crazy about bags. I've already bought two of these bags and two other pouches to go inside of them. I walked away with a smaller version of one of the bags I already have (I got the small Cafe Bag) and I think I'm in love. I have to say, the first bag I bought (the large Cafe Bag) is fantastic but I have one little problem with it--I'd like it to be easier/quicker to adjust the length of the shoulder strap and I'd like the excess strap not to flop around so much. I could say the same about the Ristretto Messenger bag too, but both are lovely and functional in every other way so I don't want to knitpick too much. The bags aren't cheap but the quality is high and I think they will last forever. We'll see.

After our (finally successful--at least for me!) shopping trip, we went to the International District for a simple roast duck take-out lunch. It wasn't too hot and we sat in a park to eat. The dog was pretty patient with us. 

Somehow that little bit of running around was quite tiring, so we headed home and Mom promptly took a nap. I stayed up reading and knitting. I've finished two pairs of socks since getting here, started on a third and not done any work at all on the shawl I brought.

I also spent too much time thinking about what went wrong with my friend on Monday night. (I told my mom about the argument in detail (sorry, don't really want to rehash it here--check the comment on the last post for a very quick summary) and while I said he wasn't fighting fair, she thought my friend was being plain mean. I also told Curt and he agreed that my "friend" was being an asshole. I guess I'm still not 100% sure how much of it was my fault. I wish I'd kept my temper and not risen to the bait. But, again, why was he baiting me?

Mom did ask if I thought he'd apologize to me. I said, no, but he'll probaby apologize to Mike. Since I already did that, I guess I'm done. Ok, time to move on and think happier thoughts.

Grateful for: perspective.

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