Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seattle: day 1

What to write about today? First, a safe flight. Not a fan of flying but I did well. I only had one moment of fear on a rather turbulent flight. (The pilot had the flight attendants sit down two or three times “for their own safety.”) I think the turbulence wasn’t as bad as expected so we were actually lucky. While the flight was totally full, it was nonstop (good call) and relatively quick. I made it. No drugs, a little napping, knitting and podcast listening.

Last night, I saw Curt and we had a good time. I was a bit moodier than I would have liked but he was very good natured and patient. I think he cut me a lot of slack due to next day travel. Now, if I could get him to be that easy going all the time…well, luckily, I’m usually a lot more relaxed. He’s sweet and actually said, “You get back on Thursday? Don’t go to work on Friday. We’ll do something.”

I’m in a really good mood. I like not going to work. I like being in Seattle. So far, it’s even good to see my mom!

It is crazy hot INDOORS here but outside, it feels normal to me. Ah, here’s to feeling temperature superior for the next week. Heh.

Grateful for: a safe trip.

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