Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ok, in the spirit of the gratitude aspect of this blog, I'm going to try and post something EVERY day. Something quick and dirty if necessary or long and rambling if it comes to that. Or maybe a list. Something--and find one thing to be positive about everyday.

Today started with a little facebook IM with a young cousin (21? 22?) of mine who is traveling around Europe this summer. She is in Paris now and asked for some suggestions. I was able to come up with several things, none of which she's done or seen yet. I feel good about being able to help AND that she was comfortable asking me. It's sort of a bummer that we didn't cross paths--she was in DC last summer, and this summer, in Paris! Oh well. But at least she can benefit from my experiences.

(What else? Curt's been out of town since Thursday and I'll see him tomorrow. Looking forward to that despite some bumps we've experienced lately. Also, searching around more purposefully for jobs and getting my application ready for the possible promotion here. Not bad at all.)

Grateful for: being able to help.

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