Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This weekend, Curt and I went to a couple of parties. One was hosted by a current co-worker of mine. Since Curt used to work here, he was also invited and would know as many people as I did (if not more) at the party. We both planned to go to this party before we got together but now that we're dating, it seemed reasonable to go together (carpooling? normal couple behavior?) especially since we were going to another event together right after. (The second party was hosted by friends of mine and Curt wouldn't know anyone there.)

Before arriving at the first party, we experienced a little anxiety at the prospect of arriving "together." What would people say? Would they notice? Should we tell them? Will they ask? I said, "If they ask, we tell them. But they won't ask because that's rude. If they get it fine, if not, whatever." It did point out the awkward fact that most of our mutual friends (acquaintances, really) don't know we're dating. It would have been easier if they already knew. But since I don't discuss my personal life with most of my co-workers, it hasn't come up. I wouldn't have mentioned any other boyfriend, so why would I mention Curt? (I did mention the last bf in the context of discussions about Paris. Heck, they probably think I'm still dating him--or assume we've broken up. Who knows.)

When we got there, a couple of people saw us get out of the car together. Some other people saw us walking towards the house together. No one said anything (of course!). The party itself was pleasant. Lots of good food, lots of guests, a nice big house. Fine.

We were there for a couple of hours, mingling around and having a good time. Curt was talking to one of the women I work with, Danielle, who he has socialized with a lot (a lot more than I have). She was asking him about his new apartment (he moved a couple of months ago). He was telling her about his new neighborhood, how it was different from the old neighborhood. He said, "I'm not really sure what it's called."

I was standing there, listening, and I said, "Cherrydale?"

He laughed and said, "I guess so...but not quite."

Danielle looked at me. She kept talking to Curt. I said, "It's nice though, lots of little restaurants and stuff." Curt agreed. The discussion ended soon after and then we decided it was time to get going.

Walking to the car, Curt laughed again and I said, "Was that too much."

"No. But it was funny. I saw the wheels turning in Danielle's head..."

I knew it would have that effect. But what was I supposed to do? Pretend that I don't know Curt and haven't spent time in his neighborhood? Heck, at least I refrained from describing the inside of his apartment, for which he's grateful, I'm sure.

It was quite nice to be at the other party and say casually to my host, "My boyfriend is out there engaging in a libertarian debate with one of your guests."

Grateful for: awkwardness.

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