Thursday, July 09, 2009

All better

When I last saw you, I was restless, ill-at-ease and at loose ends. What I should have done was gone to the gym or gone for a run and got myself good and tired out. Instead, I walked part of the way home, got some of that tasty tangy frozen yogurt, and then sat down in front of the tv when I got home. I didn't eat dinner (?), I wasn't hungry. I had a drink. It made me grumpy.

Anyway, that wasn't a very good plan but I survived. I hope to, someday, learn from my mistakes. I do wonder, though, if I haven't learned yet, when will I?

That said, all is fine and dandy in my world today. I am going a knitting group tonight and I'll probably walk part of the way. In an effort to push myself to be a bit more active, I drew up an exercise schedule/plan. No soccer means that I am very likely to default to sloth. The real question is, how the heck will I get myself to the gym? I haven't solved that riddle either.

Yesterday, I spent the morning getting a variety of recommended but ultimately unnecessary medical tests. I was done by 12:30, got some lunch and walked into a nearby museum. I contemplated going to work but I was overwhelmed by such a wave of exhaustion that I scooted home as soon as possible. It was much more relaxing to be home than in the office. Ahh.

I had plans with Curt later on and it occurred to me that he might want to come over earlier and miss driving in traffic. He seemed to think I didn't text him until I woke up from my nap. In fact, I texted him and then decided I better nap right quick. In fact, I'd just fallen asleep when he arrived. Perhaps I was just resting my eyes.

Later on, we went to see my (our?) first and only outdoor movie of the year. It's such a great idea, but in practice, it's mostly uncomfortable and distracting. Still, the movie was interesting, they were selling some decent BBQ at the venue and it was a mere five minute walk from my house. Certainly worth at least one visit.

Today, I unpacked my last box at work. I have a pile about three feet high of files at my desk that I have do get into the appropriate drawers. I have two copy boxes full of papers that I should take home. And...I have two more boxes that have to be unpacked into our more distant long-term filing space...but all the big boxes are empty, which means no more harassing from the boss. Hooray.

You know, someday, I might actually do some work at work. Today is not that day. Unless unpacking counts. Can I go back to Paris now? You all should come with me.

Grateful for: long, not-too-hot days.


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