Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today, it's supposed to hit 100° in Seattle. WOW. It hasn't gotten that hot in DC all summer.

This time tomorrow, I'll be in Seattle. Yay! I will be very hot because hardly anyone there has air conditioning (including my mother). However, I think it will make packing easier. I've laid out most of the clothes I'm going to bring and settled the toiletries and electronics. I am left with the usual shoe dilemma. I am going to bring one  carry-on soft suitcase (the one I used to ramble all over Europe) and one satchel/purse. I am NOT bringing a jacket or sweater. Maybe a shawl/wrap?

I was sure I was going to bring my computer but now I'm not so sure. It would be nice to have but not essential. How to decide? I won't have to carry it much but the reason to bring it is to carry it to coffee shops. Not sure how much time or inclination I'll have for that on this trip.

What I am bringing (including what I'll wear on the plane):
2 graphic / 3 plain short-sleeve t-shirts (one can be used for sleeping)
2 tank tops
1 or 2 long-sleeve t-shirts
1 pair stretchy, casual black pants
2 pairs cropped pants
1 dress
1 pair PJ pants
3 bras
2 pairs of shoes (mary jane flats, sandals (chacos). I think that's it. Both are good for walking and heat.)
computer (?)
associated cords/chargers
clear toiletries case with liquids
fabric case with all other toiletries
1 or 2 knitting projects
1 book
1 or 2 magazines

Sounds pretty good, right? I wonder how much all that weighs. Not sure yet what my second bag will be. Another dilemma! Packing, I don't like, but solving puzzles, I do so I'll count it as a net positive.

Not a very productive day since I'm a little distracted with thinking about what not to forget before I go away. Most of the little things are managed so maybe a little work is in order.

Grateful for: good organizational skills.

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