Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Files and friends

A few months ago, we moved into our new cubicle land offices. I unpacked two boxes, out necessity, but avoided my many others for as long as possible. My ability to avoid unpacking ended this week because even more boxes arrived and in order to clear space for them we had to unpack the existing batch. I've made good progress and I'm about halfway home--but it's a slow and painful process. Part of why it is so slow is that I'm sorting as I go. I'm looking through heaps of meticulously labeled files that once put away were never glanced at again. Yet, it's hard to decide whether or not to throw them away. I had a little email conversation about this with Curt. He wrote, "Maybe it's because files are like your children. It's hard to let go."

I responded, "So you’re saying that if I love my files I should let them go…to recycling?"

Curt wrote, "It's the circle of life!"

I really need to throw all this stuff away.

I'm also having a facebook dilemma. First, my mom wanted to be my friend. What could I do but accept her request? Now, I'm getting all these friend suggestions for people with whom I have no mutual friends, but somehow facebook knows that I know them. How does facebook know? Who are they? Ex-not-quite-boyfriends and one actual ex-boyfriend and one friendly acquaintance. Other suggestions are the spouses of friends from grad school who I didn't even know were married. I guess it's clear that I don't invite these folks to be friends but I will accept any friend requests I receive. Still, it's odd to have the face of that nice fellow I dated a few times in Seattle but whom I haven't spoken to in many, many years popping up as a suggestion over and over. Is there a way to make that stop?

Grateful for: letting go.

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