Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The other day, I had to go to the doctor. No big deal, just a regular check up. Because I went to GW, which is a teaching hospital, I was first seen by a resident who took a very thorough history. After she introduced herself as doctor x, I said, "I'm Doctor [Barab]." She looked a little surprised and then said, "Oh! What kind of doctor?" I told her and then said, "It's ok, you can call me [Jamy]."

I have wanted to do this for years. It's crazy that you're supposed to call the doctor "Doctor" and they're supposed to call you by your first name. What's up with that? What if I weren't a doctor? Can't I be called Ms. whatever? No wonder it's hard to ask the doctor questions--sometimes I make a list before I go in--the whole system is designed to intimidate.

I don't really feel intimidated, though. No, what I feel when I go to the doctor is VERY HEATHY. To the point where I completey forget any nagging little questions--because there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with me...la la la.

And there never is. The doctor loves me.

Grateful for: good health.

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