Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Saturday Night

I have a weekend full of plans yet I find myself on my own tonight. As someone suggested, I could write any angry post about it, but I won't. I could go out--I have at least two good options--but I spent the whole day walking around and now I'm settled in at home and I don't want to leave. I haven't just stayed home and relaxed for a while. I have plenty to eat and drink, several knitting projects, and a lot of entertainment. I may even go to sleep early. Ah, sleep. That is a problem now because it gets light so early. I don't use an alarm clock so when it gets light earlier, I wake up earlier. This morning, I woke up around 5:30 but was able to fall back asleep until around 8:30, which would have been great except that I went to sleep around 1am. Yikes.

The other day, I showed Curt the blog. I said I would do it and I did. He was surprised, kept saying he wouldn't read it if I didn't want him to, that I didn't need to show him. I said I wanted to show him and that it was ok. He thanked me. We talked about it again today and he said, "It sounds like you...don't want me to read it?"

I said, "Well, ok, this is the deal, if you want to read it, you have my permission."

He said, "That doesn't sound like you want me to read it..."

"Well, no, I mean, I'm sort of halfway between wanting you to read it and not wanting you to read it. I will understand if it's not your cup of tea, that's fine. But I would be unhappy if you didn't like it."

He said, "Ok, so, if I feel like looking at it, I will."

"Ok." And...I guess I should have said, "And if you do look at it, tell me what you think." Or maybe not.

The other day, I was about to make a resolution to write on the blog every day. What, am I nuts?  I was thinking that on Thursday when I walked out of the office for a late (very late) lunch. I had soup--hot soup on a hot day--but I wasn't very hungry and that's all I wanted. I sat outside in the hot sun and ate my soup. When I walked outside and was deciding which table I would choose among the many empty ones, a young woman caught my eye and smiled at me. I smiled back and sat far away from her and the two or three other people outside. After a few minutes, a man got up and approached the young woman.

To set the scene fully: she was in her mid-twenties, black, short denim skirt, tank top and a knit cap sitting on the table next to her. The man was late forties, white, grey hair, mild paunch, scruffy beard, loose jeans and an untucked short-sleeve button down shirt. He left his drink on the table and stopped at the young woman's table. He said, "Can I take you shopping?" Apparently she didn't hear him because he repeated himself several times. "Can I take you shopping?" Eventually she said, "That wouldn't be right, I'm a married woman." He asked why not, it was just shopping. She said, "That would be like cheating!" He discussed it with her a while longer and then went back to his table.

Another man came outside and she smiled at him. I realized this woman was making eyes at everyone who walked by. After the second man sat down, she walked up to him and bummed a cigarette. The first man followed her with his eyes but said nothing. A third man came out and lit the cigarette that she'd bummed. I was done with my soup and I left. She smiled at me when I walked by on my way to the door.

Then I went back to work and continued to unpack my boxes. Only four left.

Grateful for: life going on all around me.

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