Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I felt ansty all day yesterday. Impatient. Waiting. I worked fairly hard at work. I got a lot done for once.

Today, I started out with a long chat with a co-worker. It's nice to finally have some friends--or one friend--right in my same office. No one else was around so we were able to have a pleasant talk. I got to work. Skimmed a few documents, opened up SPSS. My cell phone rang mid-morning. It was Curt. Perhaps I'm not the only impatient one? We have plans tonight but hadn't decided what we were doing. He said, "I should have thought about that before I called you. Sorry." I had no idea why he was apologizing. Does he think he has to come to the table with a specific suggestion? All we're going to have time for is dinner anyway. Maybe he thinks he needs to pick a place. I don't care. I'm just glad he called. Unfortunately,  it's impossible to have a free-flowing conversation at work. Even though no one was there just at the moment he called (I checked my neighbor cubes) we have no privacy. I tried to be quiet. I'm not so good at that.

I made it to yoga at mid-day. I had some soup for lunch. I cannot focus. I cannot do my reading, my programing. Even my little iPod computer game doesn't hold my attention. I should have brought my knitting today. Then again, who knows if I could focus on that either.

I have to stay here until 6pm. How will I make it? Could we just call this spring fever? Thanks.

Grateful for: patience...someday.

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