Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ah, the blog

Hello blog! Been a while. I've been thinking about you, honestly. I'm just too lazy, distracted, and ambivalent to give you the attention I used to. I almost said "the attention that you deserve" but since "you" are actually "me" I don't completely agree with that statement. However, since I do need to keep the gratitude side going, I definitely should spend at least a little more time with you.

Since I last wrote, I spent the weekend in New Jersey with my brother's family and my father. He was there to attend the 85th birthday party of one of our oldest (as in longest duration) family friends. She feels like a relative to me and I wrangled an invite for myself, via the good graces of my brother. It was a pleasant enough weekend but witnessing my two nieces and nephews burst into tears over the pettiest of slights gave me some serious pause about having kids (not that I'll necessarily have the opportunity) but, boy, are they tough on each other and super tough on their parents. I am grateful to have them in my life and wish I could spend more time with them--but I am very appreciative of all the hard parenting work that is going on that is not my job.

The party itself was ok though, of course, I didn't get to do more than say hello to the guest of honor. I did know a couple of people there and after we'd eaten and the short speeches were given, my dad actually asked me dance. He even complimented my dress (which he didn't manage to do once when we were in Israel). So, while he is a poor dancer, it was a thoughtful gesture and I had a lot of fun dancing with him and the few other people I knew. I love to dance and don't do it often enough.

What else? Soccer season is over. I could play in a summer league but I'm inclined not to. I still have a few days to decide. It would be cool if I could get Curt to go to some dancing lessons with me--he's expressed a vague interest. But that's not really the same thing at all. I wish I could row but my shoulder is still iffy. I need to do something because I am too sluggish these days. I am not good at getting myself to the gym just for the sake of the gym. It's a problem.

Oh, and knitting. I finally finished the socks I was making for Amanda and I almost immediately cast on for another pair. I am still working on my sweater--second sleeve is almost done and then I'll just have the button bands and collar--really only a few more hours work! But the sweater is too big and warm to carry around so I need a small, simple easy-to-transport project, thus socks.

The twist, as it were, is that the socks are for Curt. I've asked him a couple of times if he'd like socks or a hat--something small and relatively easy--he said yes but then added, "I don't want to force you to make socks for me!" Oh, silly, I want to knit something for you--I'm just worried that you don't really want it. But, one thing you can say for Curt is that he speaks the truth. Thus, if he says he'd like socks, he means it. If he says he's ok going somewhere (happy hour, a party), he means it. If he doesn't want to do something, he says no. I have to learn to trust that because such frankness is rare. I am lucky.

Grateful for: honesty.

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