Saturday, May 09, 2009


I went to a party last night to celebrate my co-worker's marriage. It was a good time with free drinks and passed hors d'oeuvres. Disturbingly, one of my colleagues had a fainting spell and was taken away in an ambulance. It might have been overkill but better safe than sorry, I suppose. Sigh.

I also have a more interesting story to tell, but I'm not prepared to go into details just yet. Let me put it this way...a couple of years ago I published this post (excerpted below):

Boyfriend Advisory System

The threat levels of the Boyfriend Advisory System are:
Severe: severe risk of boyfriend
He calls you his girlfriend, you have a standing weekend date and/or you cook for each other regularly. In all likelihood, you now do have a boyfriend.

High: high risk of boyfriend
You may not call him your boyfriend, but you see each other a few times a week, call or email daily and have no interest in dating anyone else.

Elevated: significant risk of boyfriend
No one is saying "bf/gf", but you check in frequently, keep apprised of each other's day-to-day lives, and have at least one future date planned.

Guarded: general risk of boyfriend
You met a guy. You like him, he likes you. Now someone needs to call.

Low: low risk of boyfriend
        I just broke up with someone. Leave me alone.

On Wednesday, the threat level was low. Today, it's guarded. How awesome is that? Even if nothing happens with this guy, the prospect is immensely helpful. Like, wow, maybe I actually will have a boyfriend again someday (something that I know intellectually to be true, but don't always feel). Plus, it's not like he is a mere distraction. I actually like him and I've known him for a while. Now, where are my friends so I can dish about him?

(I am worried now that I'm missing some terrible hidden flaw either in him or the situation and this will be over before it starts. I guess...that's ok. Even if we just had one great evening together, it's still something that is helping me move on. That is very good even if it doesn't turn into a full blown romance.)

Grateful for: new friends.

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