Sunday, May 03, 2009

Long time

When I take a break, I take a break!

Not only have I not been inspired to write but my computer broke down last week. Catastrophic hard drive failure. Awesome! Good thing I back up to an external drive a couple of times a week. (Do you back up? Start.) Luckily, I only lost a couple of documents but a precious lot of time is being spent copying things from the external drive to the new computer. And then, the sorting.

For example, I recovered all of my email but the way it's archived, I have duplicates of A LOT of messages. I'd rather have dupes than lost messages (I save almost everything), but I'd rather not save the duplicates forever. I found some good scripts on the web to help me identify them but they take time to run and I still have to run the old eyeballs over the results to make sure it's more or less correct.

Still, if I had nothing but time, I would sort of enjoy this process. I like sorting and organizing. And if I can do it all from the comfort of my sofa? So much the better.

In this process, my photos have become an intractable mess as well. The new version of iPhoto uses a completely different organizing structure and has imported many of my pics twice. I don't know how long it's gong to take for me to sort it out. But maybe I'll share a few more photos.

Here's a nice one of Tabitha the cat claiming the old computer. Maybe I should just set it up somewhere so she can sit on it?

Grateful for: my health and time to get it together.

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