Saturday, April 04, 2009

Not so bad

I kind of lost it the other day. Got angry at Dad and was on the verge of tears all day. What is up with that? Dad decided it was on account of Kent (who I haven't heard from in over a week--but I haven't discussed that with Dad), which made me furious. Is it really unimaginable that you, Dad, could have done something to upset me?

But, as such things go, my bad mood passed, I regained my equilibrium and I'm back to my normal basically even keel.

I still don't want to be here and wish my trip were over (or that I could actually spend the time with Spesh, as anticipated) but I think the rest will be ok. I don't anticipate further mood black holes...but I guess you never know. I'm grateful for feeling better even if it's only "for now."

Grateful for: calm.

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