Monday, April 13, 2009

My weekend

  1. Planned to go to a movie after work on Friday. Instead came home early to wait for the cable guy. Never left the house again.
  2. Saturday had an 8:30am soccer game. Arrived on time, played in the rain. Didn't die from exhaustion. Played poorly.
  3. After the game, went to my favorite coffee shop (yes, I was sweaty and soaked--what's your point?). Had very good coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and lox.
  4. Next stop: grocery store. Bought a lot of "real" food and a little bit of irresistible Easter candy.
  5. Went home and never left the house. I had two very desirable Saturday night options but I declined both and stayed home. I knit, watched tv, and played with the cat (but mostly ignored her). I accidentally started de-caulking the tub. Oy.
  6. On Sunday, I got up early and went to my second favorite coffee shop. Had very good coffee and a pain au chocolat. Chatted with virtual friends on the computer.
  7. Went to the hardware store to buy de-caulking supplies and new caulk. The hardware store was closed. Drat Easter Sunday. I went next door to the paint store. Opened the door and walked in. The fellow there told me they were closed. Then he sold me what I needed. Praise Jesus.
  8. Went home and decaulked. What a pain.
  9. Also cast on for the sweater I'm knitting myself.
  10. IM'd with a stranger/virtual friend who wanted to take me out to dinner...a movie...anything. I said, no, no, no because I had to knit and decaulk and never leave the house again.
  11. Sent sad email to Kent. Felt a little relieved. Realized I'm transitioning him to the happy memory category. Don't feel as sad.
  12. Monday morning, woke up around 7:30 am and continued de-caulking. Hope it's good enough because I'd like to get this sucker done tonight.
  13. Work. Bah.
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