Sunday, April 12, 2009


Where has my blogging mojo gone? Writing used to be something I looked forward to. It was an essential part of my day. It was fulfilling and a release. Now it’s just…eh. Thus, lists.
  1. I have more Israel stories to tell. See above as to why they’re not forthcoming.
  2. Some of the stories: going to court with Spesh. He was to be sentenced for a political action he participated in FIVE years ago. He wasn’t sentenced.
  3. Having Spesh mention that several things I said were “blog worthy.”
  4. Blog worthy item #1: God points.
  5. Blog worth item #2: saying my American brother was “praying to his iPhone.”
  6. Blog worthy item #3: amending the phrase “hurry up and wait” (given how my family and the entire population of Israel always seems to be running late) to “hurry up and pray.”

On a completely different subject—Kent.
  1. I think it’s over. At least the romance.
  2. Ok, I don’t think, I know.
  3. I am sad, sad, sad, SAD.
  4. We didn’t ever formally break up or not break up, but I need a little formality.
  5. I had to prod him with a one line email to get him to write to me after about 10 days of silence.
  6. He sent a normal, friendly email in response about five days ago.
  7. I still haven’t written back.
  8. Instead I wrote a “break up” letter. I say that I really like him and don’t want things to be over. Yet I know it’s over and I am sad. That I still want to know what’s up with him but that I have to take a break from the emailing. He is still free to email me but I won’t necessarily be answering for a while.
  9. I haven’t sent it yet.
  10. Should I send it?
  11. Sigh.
Grateful for: knowing that this will pass.

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