Monday, March 02, 2009


Well, I am overwhelmed and touched by all of your birthday comments. A couple of you come 'round fairly often and dropped a line anyway--awesome. A few of you have commented before, but not recently--thanks for making a comeback. And a whole bunch of you have been reading for a while but never said hi before--thanks so much for making the effort!

Your combined efforts, plus those of a few others, added up to a great birthday.

Some other things that went right:
  1. A pitch-perfect birthday meal at Corduroy. Have you been there? If you can afford it, go. It was wonderful.
  2. A call from B1, as predicted, on my actual birthday.
  3. A pleasant day (Friday) spent with Dad. I didn't get annoyed with him--much. We had a good, low-key, museum-going time.
  4. Another nice, but more moderately priced, dinner with Dad and Susan (step-mother).
  5. The late arrival of B1 and two children. The next day (Saturday), observing the children's fascination with Tabitha the cat. They wore her out!
  6. Some mild DC tourism. (Yawn.) Some museum going. (The kids insert their yawn.)
  7. Another dinner! With kids at a better-than-expected Chinese restaurant.
  8. A party on Saturday. It was fun. I didn't stay very late. I gave some nice folks a ride home. The fella asked for my number--but he has a gf. Let's assume it's friendly. Lord knows I could use some more friends.
I saved the two most amazing things for last:
  • After dinner on Thursday, Dad and Susan said, "We have to go meet a friend at hotel near here. [Jamy]--you're coming." They invited my other guests, who declined. When we got to the hotel, who was innocently sitting in the lobby reading some huge leather books? My brother from Israel (B2)! He was heading to Baltimore for business and made a special detour to DC just for me. Wow. We all sat and chatted for quite a while and he missed the last train home. So, I invited him to stay with me. Turns out, he "can't" even though we are brother and sister (I don't know why he can't stay alone with me--could he if we were "full" instead of "half" siblings? Or is this version of Judaism just bat-shit crazy?). Anyway, Dad also staying with me solved the problem. Susan went to the friends' house where they'd planned to stay and Dad and B2 came home with me. Dad gave B2 a ride to the train station very early in the morning, releasing the cat in the process. She came back when lured with food.

  • On Saturday night, after dinner and before the party, my nephew asked me to show him how to knit. I'd been knitting in front of them all weekend. My nephew is almost 5 and doesn't quite have the dexterity for knitting, though he did enjoy holding one needle.

    My niece, however, decided she wanted to learn too. I showed her the basics and she got started. I sat next to her and moved her hands through the motions. In about five minutes, she was doing it on her own. Wow! We sat next to each other and knit until it was time for her to take a shower. Then she knit some more. In the morning, she woke up and knit. I showed her how to bind off and she has her own very short scarf-like object to show for her efforts. I sent her home with some needles and yarn to make her own "real" scarf. Very, very cool.
Grateful for: family and friends.

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