Friday, March 13, 2009

What's up

Ok, so sorry I haven't gotten back to you in the comments. I may not.

I am feeling marginally better--that is, less hate-filled.

Not that things are going well. No. I'd say things with Kent are starting to break apart. Inevitable, I suppose, but I'm not happy about it. You might even say I'm sad.

Work is...bizarre. I found myself ranting the other day to my previous "enemy," most disliked co-worker, Mandy. And now she' ally? I don't get it. The job, the supervisor job, has finally posted. Mandy let me know she's not applying. I let her know I probably am. And it's--ok? Do the other folks here want me (ME?) to be the boss? Hrm.

My mother said a week or so ago, "I'm sure you'd be good at it. You'd be great." Pause. "That doesn't mean you'll like it."

No, it doesn't. I might hate being "the boss." I might not get the job. But here's the deal: I'm applying. It will be a great challenge. If I don't like it, I'll leave. If I don't get it, I'll leave. It's not that I would mind working for Danielle, the other most likely candidate in the office--actually, I think she would make a good boss--but I can't stand my job. I need a new job. Being the director would count as a new job and it even comes with a raise. So, I'm going to try for it. It's almost, but not quite, as painful as applying for an outside job. I have a bunch of ideas about how I'd do the job and the prospect is almost exciting.

Otherwise, the knitting goes well, I have some weekend plans and I've gone to the gym four days so far this week. I ache.

Grateful for: the woman in the office who is pushing me to exercise.

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