Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been so filled with frustration and anger for the last several days that it's been hard for me to write. Work is making me craaaazy. I am so ready to NOT be there.

It would be insane to quit, so I won't. But, argh, I want out!

I should be grateful, because I have a job, a very secure job, when others are losing theirs. Despite my intentions to implement an austerity plan, I've been spending money like it was going out of style on silly, frivolous things (I'm not not including yarn!). Oh well.

If I can ever get my ass in gear and apply for some other jobs, I'd say my prospects of getting one are good. Excellent, even. It's not that it's a scary thought--more exhausting. Cover letters, writing samples, argh! And it is a little scary too.

On the, wow, I'm pretty lucky side, Kent's gift arrived last week. A knitting book! Which, you have to agree, is a good choice. But it wasn't just any old knitting book--it was a book signed by the author that Kent found at the very knitting shop I dragged him to when I was in London in December. The amount of thought that went into the gift is touching...and despite my characterization of our relationship as "absurd" it seems that it still exists. Sigh. That doesn't make me angry, but frustrated, yes.

Ok, enough for now. I will try and use this space more for its original purpose: finding a way to be happy and appreciate what I have.

Grateful for: job security.

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