Monday, February 02, 2009


Don't bury the lede—even I, a complete non-journalist, know this rule. But, oy, I don't seem to have the energy for a coherent story today. I want to do a list. Well, why don't I make the 'best' story the first one in the list, even if it screws with chronology? Fine. Here I go:

  1. Moral: we do, occasionally, move on even if we don't realize it right away.

    On Friday, I had dinner with my friend, CK. We've talked once since I got back but hadn't seen each other yet. CK took a night off from her feverish dancing schedule for our meeting. We had a good meal where I talked her ear off about…you'll never guess…Kent. She did get in a few words and was generally a good listener (her specialty). I didn't expect to have so much to say, but sometimes I get on a roll.

    As we left the restaurant, we ran into Tim. Remember Tim? He's the separated-but-not-divorced military guy I dated briefly and angst-fully a few years ago. I haven't been in touch with him regularly, but I did talk to him before I left for France. We didn't see each other then and, yes, he is still married. Given that I did make an effort to talk to him before I left and I did want to see him, I wouldn't blame you for thinking that I wasn't over him. Not in the sense that I was pining away for him (that certainly wasn't the case), but that I harbored some lingering romantic feelings for him (more possible).

    As it turns out, I don't. Maybe I did but I'm sure I don't anymore.

    When I first caught sight of him, I had my glasses off and spotted someone who seemed vaguely familiar. When I put my glasses on, I recognized him and said hello. I wasn't sure if CK and I should move along after a mere hello or if it was more appropriate to stop for a quick chat. Tim decided on the chat option by planting himself in front of me and giving me a big hello and smile, followed up by, "How was France?" He remembered our last conversation. Interesting.

    I said, "It was great, I've been back about a month."

    He said, "This is my wife, Monica! This is [Jamy]."

    I said, "Hi, nice to meet you."

    Monica and I shook hands. I said, "This is CK." She and Monica shook hands. Then I introduced CK to Tim, "This is…[Tim]." Since "Tim" isn't actually his name, I hesitated a second before saying the correct (real life) name—I had a moment where I forgot which was the which! Yikes.

    We all chatted for a few seconds and then went on our separate ways.

    CK said, "Who was that?"

    I said, "My married ex-boyfriend."

    "Oh ho!"

    I said, "I am very glad I have a boyfriend!" (Or even a "boyfriend.")

    CK said, "I don't blame you. You know what his wife asked me? 'How do those two know each other?'"

    "Really? That's odd. How would you know?"

    CK said, "I wouldn't. It was strange."

    But this is the kicker: I felt nothing. No nerves, no butterflies, no adrenaline. Nothing. I mean, I felt a little sorry for him, though his wife seemed, well, I don't know what she seemed, except kind of curious about how her husband knew me. Let him deal with that. Luckily, the answer is perfectly innocent, since it's "kickball."

  2. The email from Kent is coming thick and fast. Very cool. Except that, for some reason, I took TWO WHOLE DAYS to answer the last one. Am I a bad girlfriend/"girlfriend"? Sadly, I also missed him on facebook im the other morning (got an email later the same day, though). Dude needs to get skype. Ah well, never gonna happen.

  3. On Saturday, I had no plans in particular, but a last minute call from Pele resulted in a meaty trip to A. Litteri. Girlfriend stocked up on the cold cuts! I grabbed some cheese and Italian sausage and, on Sunday, proceeded to make a prodigious amount of the meatiest spaghetti sauce I've cooked up in years. Why? Why did I do this? I will never manage to eat it all—good thing I have a freezer. I swear, at some level I was cooking as though Kent were going to be around to eat it, which is beyond insane. I don't even know if I'm ever going to see him again! (Just trying to keep my expectations realistic folks.)

    After shopping, we went to my current favorite coffee shop and yakked it up for a while. Glad to report that I DID NOT dominate the conversation. (Hmm, I'm probably the only one keeping track of this…let's hope.)

  4. Sunday afternoon, I met another friend, Nora, who used to be in my book club. We went to see a play. Very nice! I'm thinking we may step up our close acquaintanceship to actual friendship. All signs point to yes.

  5. I had no official plans to watch the Super Bowl, but I got home in time to catch the second half. I'm very glad I tuned in! Exciting finish and a great game. Perhaps my favorite thing about it had not much to do with the actual game. When I came in this morning, one of my co-workers, a 50-year-old-plus man with grown up kids and grandkids was actually hoarse from all the screaming he did last night. He is from Pittsburgh. Love that.

  6. Did my taxes. Because I had a huge income cut, I'm getting a huge refund. Bonus! Oh, and turbo tax? Slightly evil. Without informing me, they upgraded me to a package that is more than twice as expensive as the one I used last year. It contains features that are completely unnecessary for my situation (aka I have no business). Not sure how it happened. I complained and they said, "Start over from the beginning with a new user id and choose the less expensive package." Not cool since I'd already entered all my information. I complained again and they said they would refund the difference between the package I wanted and the more expensive one—though I have to wait 24 hours after making the payment. We'll see if they actually issue the refund.

  7. Last, does anyone have advice for me about this whole conversion to digital tv business? I am completely torn about whether to get a digital converter box or a new tv.

    Possibly relevent facts:

  • I don't have cable.
  • I get my internet via DSL.
  • I have the coupon for the converter box.
  • I have one tv: a 15-year-old 19-inch set.
  • I like to watch tv.
  • I watch DVDs and use a VCR (crazy antiquated technology) to tape programs for subsequent viewing
  • I download and watch a lot of things on my computer.
  • I have always been happy with whatever size tv I've owned—which was either a 9-inch black and white or the current 19-inch color set. (I think we had 19-inch or smaller color sets when I was growing up and only ever one. We were more a radio-in-every-room family, though we certainly did our fair share of tv watching).

I am strongly considering getting a new tv. Can't decide on a 26-inch or a 32-inch, but the 32 seems massive and would require me to re-configure my current informal entertainment center set up. The 26-inch Samsung I have on my eye on is about $450 at Amazon, the 32-inch is about $100 more. I can afford either set, though they both seem like a splurge. Then again, what is that big tax refund for? I will also have to spend up to $100 on a heavy duty new indoor antenna if I continue to insist on being cable free (which I do). Any suggestions?

Grateful for: friends!

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