Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh so lazy

I have been ridiculously lazy this long weekend. I did get out of the house on Saturday and Sunday, but today was a complete bust. I've basically been a prisoner in the house all day waiting for a UPS delivery. It's my new TV and, thus, I must be here to receive it. So, here I am, waiting...and it's after 9pm! I called twice this afternoon, I called at 7pm, each time they assured me it was on the way. Do I call again? What is the point? Geez louise, UPS, total FAIL.

(I did call again and UPS has absolutely no explanation for why they failed to deliver my package today. I'm furious! Right now, they need to accommodate me, I've done my share.)

Some highlights: on Sunday, I drove out to Alexandria to catch a noon show of  Defiance. The reviews were mixed so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was pretty standard Hollywood rah-rah but the story is so powerful, it didn't matter that they told it in fairly conventional style. I was teary-eyed several times and the action scenes weren't bad either. I more went to see it for Liev Schreiber than Daniel Craig, but the current Mr. Bond did a surprisingly believable job playing a tough-guy Jew.

After the movie, I took a walk at the nearby Winkler Botanic Preserve. Not really worth a return visit but worth a look if you're nearby. In theory it was a hike but in actuality, not so much.

Next stop in my Virginia odyssey was the Eden Center. I haven't been there since my return to the States and I love it as much as ever. I picked up some deli treats for supper and even did a small grocery shop. I bought a ginormous bag of rice which should keep me supplied for at least the next year.

Saturday night, I relaxed at home and stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live. I fell asleep on the sofa and decided it was time to put myself to bed. Happy freakin' Valentine's Day.

I let Tabitha (the cat) sleep in my room (if I want to make sure I sleep well, sometimes I keep her out). In this case it was a mistake because she woke me up around 2:30am. Geez, Tabby, don't you have anythng better to do?

So, after a trip to the bathroom, I checked the computer and guess who was online? Kent! I wondered why he was up so early (7:30am his time), but he is an early riser, especially if there's no reason to lie around in bed (ahem).

I took the computer into my room so I could stay warm under the covers and then I contacted him. We chatted away for awhile and then I asked about when he thought we could talk on the phone. He said he just got a sim card for his phone (!) and I could try him now. "Now? Really?" Sure, why not? Ok then. I called him. I didn't call using my home phone--I don't actually have a long distance plan on my landline, I use the cell for domestic long distance. No, I used skype to call his cell phone. (Yes, please, I would also like to know why he doesn't have skype on whatever computer he's using--it's not his personal computer but I think it must belong to someone who lives in the flat where he's staying--so, could we please download skype???)

Anyway, skype worked great. Not perfection, the sound quality is mediocre and I don't have a headset so I direct my voice in the general direction of the computer and hope for the best. I understood most everything he was saying, I recognized his voice and it was great to actually talk. I can't tell you how much more satisfying it was than the IMing and email. I mean, email is great, and I enjoy IM--but a phone call is a much more real connection, more tangible. I was very happy that we finally were able to talk, even though I was croaky voiced and yawning most of the time.

(When we first started talking, Kent said, "What time is it there? What are you doing up?"

I said, "It's the middle of the night! And I'm crazy, but you already knew that."

"True enough."


The thing is, even though I don't know what we're doing and I don't know what's going to happen and half the time I'm not even sure what I want…what I do know is that we really like each other.  I don't know why I ever wonder about that part. It's clear, it's true. I'm not saying it's "enough" especially in our absurd, complicated situation. I need to remember that part because then I'll be less worried when I don't get quick responses to emails or as many sweet words as I'd like. I mean, why wouldn't he like me? And why is it so difficult to remember?

If there were any doubt about any of that, the amount of time we were on the phone would have been cleared it up. We were on the IM for about an hour and then on the phone for another two. Right. I was up from 2:30am to 5:30am talking to Kent. Sheesh. Why do I feel vaguely embarrassed about it? Of course, we haven't had "real time" communications for over a week (another wee hours of the night special) and we haven't actually spoken in a month and a half. By those standards, two hours is nothing. We had plenty to say, that's for sure. Funny, it's reassuring and discouraging at the same time. Reassuring because, yes, we like each other and can chatter away happily for a few hours and it seems like nothing. Discouraging because, well, absurd, impossible, etc., situation. Ah, well. That's the nature of the long distance relationship.

What's next? Maybe someday, I'll get my new tv. Sure hope that digital transition is delayed so I'll be able to get reception for the next few days.

And maybe, someday, I'll get to see Kent again. In the meantime, I look forward to talking to him on the phone again soon.

Grateful for: telecommunications.

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