Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Money, money, money

For someone who doesn't like to spend money, I have out done myself. In the last 24 hours, I spent approximately $1,300. (All on the credit card, of course, so I don't actually have to pay for a few weeks. Looking forward to that bill!)

The first two items should be no surprise because I've been obsessing about them for a week or so: a new tv and antenna. In the end, I went with the 26inch set. I figure I've been perfectly happy with a 19inch set for about 15 years so any increase in size will make me happy. Also, I don't like the tv to dominate the room, thus the 32inch might've been overkill. Anything will be much nicer to watch than what I currently own. I did cheap out and get an "open box" "cosmetically damaged" item but I think it will be ok. Fine, it was cheaper—that's all I care about! I also got a somewhat scary looking high powered indoor antenna. I hope it works.

The second item was my plane ticket to Israel. Niece number three is getting married at the end of March and I'm going to the wedding. In fact, ALL of the US family is going: including my eldest brother (B1), his wife and all three of their kids. Fantastic! Plus, by pure luck, I ended up on the same flight with my brother and his family from New York to Israel so I picked a seat one row in front of them. It will make the trip a lot more pleasant for me to get to share it with them. While my serious fear of flying is gone, flying is still not high on my list of favorite things to do.

Last time I went to Israel it cost about $1,400. Gulp. This time, the fare was closer to $850, which is a darn good deal. Thanks world financial crisis and militaristic Israeli policies!

On the personal life front, my emotions are playing all kinds of tricks on me. Who knew it would be so difficult to have a long distance boyfriend/"boyfriend"*? Um, I knew, but I forgot. I ping pong between feelings of amusement and pleasure at what I consider to be an absurd but vaguely hopeful situation and feelings of melancholy and distress at what seems to be a pointless, futureless situation. I am all over the place. Is it connected to anything Kent says or does? Not really. (Saying and doing are virtually the same since we only communicate electronically, but the distinction I make is saying=the words he writes and doing=sending the messages.) He's been as consistent as his circumstances permit and his tone is pretty consistent as well. Most of the drama is occurring in my head. Very, very annoying.

That said, I'm actually getting impatient for his army training to begin. The sooner it starts, the sooner I can hope to see him again. Things on his end are delayed and he is frustrated but taking it with his usual equanimity. I wish I could be so composed about things. About everything!

Yesterday was a bad day…today is a better day. What's the difference? I have no idea.

I have a very minor dilemma and I'm wonder if anyone has an opinion. On Thursday after work I have the option of going to a talk by the president-elect of my professional association OR attending a knitting group at someone's house. I actually know the person hosting the knitting thing, so I won't be too shy about showing up. In theory, I could do both—I'd just be a little late showing up to the knitting gathering—but the timing is a bit rush-rush for me. So, what do you think? Professional talk, knitting group or try for both? I know, it doesn't matter much what I decide, I'm just all decided out for the week after finally plopping down the money on those major purchases. Now I have to figure out what to do with my free time as well? It's too much, dammit!

Grateful for: enough money to indulge myself.

*This is how I've started to think about Kent, as my boyfriend/"boyfriend" (perhaps for obvious reasons). It's reminiscent of the distinction in the longitudinal survey I used for my dissertation. When the survey began in the late 1960s the head of the household was assumed to be a man and he was usually married. The majority of data was collected on "heads" and "wives." Eventually, they changed wife to wife/"wife" to account for the increasing number of unmarried couples. You may also wonder, did they continue to constrain the head to the male adult in the household? For simplicity's sake, yes, but if the only adult is a single woman, she's the head.

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