Monday, February 09, 2009


Y'all were a little late on the draw giving me advice on how to spent last Thursday evening. In the end, I did both: attended a talk given by my professional society AND went to the knitting group. The knitting group was a lot more fun and I had to sneak out of the talk early to make it to the group by a reasonable hour, but I think I did the right thing. During the pre-talk social hour, I made some connections and the talk was ok, though the presenter read, which is terrible and boring. The material was ok but I don't think I missed much by leaving early.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, I awoke and found Kent online and we proceed to have an almost two hour chat. Madness. I am still all kinds of confused but very glad that we had some real time contact.

Not surprisingly, Friday at work was a bit hazy. My main self-assigned task was to pack because we're supposed to move from our temporary space back to HQ this week. But, this week, I'm out of the office at a training. All week. A training to learn how to do my job. Annoying.

I managed to pack and do a little reading (but not much). I also distracted myself on twitter. Ah, twitter. I still don't entirely get it but it's one of the few interactive things not blocked at work so I find myself fooling around with it. On Friday, it netted me some people to meet for drinks after work. How cool is that? I definitely felt less lame than I would have if I'd stuck with my original plan: going home and watching tv.

The weekend was slow and lazy too but I forced myself out into the warm, lovely weather both days. Saturday, I stayed close to home, walking to the second nearest coffee shop for some reading, then a nearby Japanese place for dinner. Sadly, it was empty except for me and one other solo diner. It's a decent place, though the non-sushi items are their strength. After that, I went over to Union Station for a movie: Coraline. It took me a bit to get engaged in the story (I hate to fight off an urge to knit--a good sign that I'm bored), but after a while it drew me in and I enjoyed it. At the least, it's a good looking film and great for not-too-little kids.

Sunday was pretty similar, except I left the house earlier and walked a bit further afield to Chinatown. I tried out the new chicken place (can't remember the name of it). Pretty good. Then, sat in the courtyard of the National Portrait Gallery. Have you been in this space? It's lovely. After that, another movie: Milk. I highly recommend it. Compelling story, great acting and no urge to knit. I wasn't bored for a second.

Today through Friday, I'm stuck in this training. It may drive me mad. But it could be worse…it could always be worse.

Grateful for: warm weather.

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