Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's my birthday

It's a big one but let's not talk numbers, 'k?

I don't usually do this and even now I hesitate--but I am going to ask for a present. (I do ask for presents--well, no, I don't ask for presents unless you are my boyfriend and in that case I merely let it be known that I would very much like a present and by the way, my birthday is COMING RIGHT UP. Ahem.)

Ever seen those "delurking" days on the blogs? Well, I'm going to declare this my own personal delurking day. I love me some comments and the comment traffic around here has really slowed down over the last year. That's fine, it's enough that you read (and the site stats tell me you do--and some of you even get this via email, wow!).

But today, as a special gift to me, click on through and leave a note. You don't need to say 'happy birthday' (though I won't mind). You know what I'd like to hear? Something about you. Do you have a blog I'm not reading? Drop a link. Tell me something interesting about you--let's get acquainted. Of course, I like it when you say nice things about me but I'm a lot more curious about how you came to read this blog and why you continue. And, if you have any requests/suggestions, that would be cool too.

Now, it's on to a long day of not doing much work and looking forward to a night out with family and friends. It's going to be a good year.

Grateful for: the blog and readers.

UPDATE: This is a great day so far!
  1. Kent called me this morning. I was surprised.
  2. A ton of people sent me b-day wishes on facebook.
  3. The comments are fantastic!
  4. I got a really sweet birthday card from Kent.
  5. A very old friend of the family called and left me a message at work, "You're 20 years younger than my children...I guess that makes you my grandchild! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful life!" She also said she hopes to see me the next time I'm in New York. It was wonderful to hear her voice.
  6. I came home early to receive a FedEx package and they showed up!

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