Thursday, February 12, 2009


I should be going to sleep now. I am exhausted. Exhausted from doing nothing...well, sitting in training all day. All week. Tomorrow, we take our test, get out early. I plan to come home and knit, relax and wait for my new tv to be delivered (hopefully they'll bring it by in the afternoon). Will I go out on Friday? I don't know.

Can I complain about Valentine's Day? I keep getting spam about flowers and cards. It's making me crazy. I mean, at least I'm consistent--I have a boyfriend/"boyfriend" and I still hate it. I actually mentioned it in passing to Kent and he said he hadn't thought about it, "It's not very big back home. Is it really big in the US?"

I said it was ridiculous and designed to make single people feel bad. He said, "No, it just treats love as a tradable commodity."

Well, I can't argue with that, so I didn't. Instead I said, "Anyway, it means my birthday is right around the corner!"

"Yes, your birthday is getting closer."

I said, "The day of reckoning. Is it that hard to get me a present?"

"No, you'll get a present, don't worry."

What, me worry?

Bed now. More coherent posts to come someday, perhaps.

 Grateful for: funny stories.

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