Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week in review

Monday: finished the entire NY Times crossword. I know, it's easy on Monday--but still! I also have a huge (positive) balance on my transit card--apparently my enrollment in the federal transit subsidy didn't expire. Odd.

Tuesday: I called to find out how to catch up on my payments to the health savings account. (In this scheme, you allot a certain amount of money to pay for allowed health care expenses not covered by insurance. The total amount is divided evenly across your paychecks. You can withdraw more than you have currently paid, up to the total allocated amount.) I had used more of my allotment than I'd paid. Come to find out, I can't catch up and they won't come after me. Basically, I got a big, fat cash prize from the government. Well, actually, the prize came from those poor souls who paid but didn't use all their money. If you don't use your money, you lose it--or donate it to me. I feel guilty.

In the evening, I had dinner with Katie and C-money. An early evening but great to see them. We ate at a middle-eastern/Turkish place and I had one of the Turkish beers for sentimental reasons.

Wednesday: walked home with TR in the pouring rain. We had a good long catching-up chat and he invited me over, "The kids would love to see you." When we got there, his son set a place for me at the table before his parents actually invited me to stay for dinner. His daughters regaled me with stories about their X-mas break and demonstrated their new play area. Guess I'm popular with the six to eight-year-old set. It was a good, low-key welcome home.

Thursday: I drove to Charlottesville to meet KJ and pick up Tabitha the cat. The drive there was about an hour longer than expected because, despite my best intentions, I didn't leave early enough to avoid rush hour. We had dinner (a group including a few other friends) at a little place called "Zinc" that appealed to me because it looked like a converted garage (it was). Turned out to be a French restaurant. I was actually stunned but we ate there anyway--it was quite good.

The drive home with Tabitha was amusing. I'd stuck her in a cardboard box with a blanket and cat bed because I didn't have a standard carrier. About 30 minutes into the drive, after I'd stopped for gas, she escaped. The box was loosely taped shut but she got out without disturbing the tape. She proceeded to wander all over the van and look out all the windows. She got underfoot a few times but didn't stay there too long. Most astonishing was the 20 minutes or so she spent peacefully on my lab. She NEVER sits on my lap. Guess she's not too angry. Back home, she slept on my bed all night the first two nights. She was up very early Sunday morning but when I put her out so I could get more sleep, she didn't try too hard to get back in. Thanks for the well-trained cat, KJ and Steve!

KJ: thank you so much for caring for Tabitha lo these many months. I owe you.

Friday: I didn't work very hard. Things felt very back to normal with me up to my internet surfing slacker-ish ways. As usual, I didn't do nothing, but I didn't much work-related. I am getting used to being back and I still have to deal with this dilemma of figuring out how to motivate myself when I can't stand the work. Hrm.

We also had a holiday lunch, just for the division, much belated because of our move to temporary space, I believe. TR was not invited (Mandy organized!) and when his absence was commented on by almost everyone, Mandy said, "It's not an alumni lunch!" Lord have mercy, she is awful.

The weekend: pretty busy. I had a handyman come by on Saturday and he fixed a few issues around the building. Yes, my condo-mates have the trick down: wait for Jamy to get back and then little problems will get solved.

I also moved some empty boxes to the basement and others to the recycling bin. I met a friend for lunch and we had a good long talk. My new mattress was delivered (very comfy!). I moved boxes full of things around the house. I finished knitting a pair of mittens for Pele. (Who wants mittens? They're fun to make.) I almost finished a pair of fingerless mitts for myself. I rearranged the back room, washed pillows, ran laundry, cleaned the stove-top, cooked a casserole, retrieved the rest of my stuff from Pele's former basement, talked to Mom, talked to Dad, and much, much more.

I still need to level the fridge but I need a second set of hands for that job. On Tuesday, I have some overseas visitors arriving--so maybe they can help me with that. They're a Kiwi couple I met when Kent and I were in Skopje, Macedonia. We spent an evening and part of a day together. We hit off and it will be fun (and odd) to see them. Apparently, they're planning to cook me dinner while here! Well, I sure don't expect or need that, but I didn't refuse either.

Somewhere in there, I also exchanged plenty of email with Kent. Satisfying, but makes me want to see him. Our separation is completely tolerable now (I have plenty of other things to distract me), but I don't know how the long haul will go. Even though I wish he were here (much more than I wish I were there…), I don't feel anxious.

I have a "new" hypothesis about my anxiety: it means something is wrong. I don't say that the lack of anxiety means that everything is "right" but the lack means that at least something is right. My anxiety seems to be an early warning system for men who are not terribly interested in sustaining a relationship with me, for whatever reason. I felt it with Owen, Tim, A. …but never with Kent. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a boyfriend with whom I didn't spend a significant amount of time feeling anxious. Sad, that. But I'm not feeling it now! No matter what happens, I'm grateful for that.

Grateful for: an even keel.

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