Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rumble grumble

One habit I've happily resumed upon my return to the US is listening to All Things Considered every morning. Today, I kept hearing the phrase, “President Obama.” Each time, I gave a little start—I still can’t quite believe it. Not only did we manage to elect a black man (and a city-boy at that!), but we elected a man with a funny—I mean unusual!—name! Wow. Now, I’m not feeling as hyper-self-congratulatory as many. I agree with the commentator I heard on This American Life that electing someone who is a second generation African-American isn’t the same as electing someone whose family was enslaved. However, electing anyone who is non-white is a major thing. Plus, so many Republican-types are getting on board with this guy, I’m shocked. Sure, there are haters, but they don’t seem to hate Obama the way Clinton was hated. At least not yet.

In other news, I dragged myself out for some potential stranger socializing last night. Aka, the blogger meet-up. I knew two of the other attendees and it was a total relief to see familiar faces. I talked to all of the new (to me) people too, but around 9pm I felt overwhelmed and had to leave. Glad I went, I’ll continue to attend (when possible), but boy is this kind of thing difficult—even when it’s something I really want to do.

On the way to the meet-up, I walked up 7th Street so I could window shop. Instead of window shopping, I bought a new coat. I didn’t intend to buy anything but I saw a dress in the window that I liked. I didn’t try on the dress (it was only offered in navy, not black, so bah). Instead I browsed the sale racks in the back and found a heavy cotton, lined, fitted black trench coat. I needed this coat. It is not warm enough for the season but it fits perfectly. It was on super sale and I bought it, feeling vaguely guilty. So much for the austerity plan! (Since being back, I’ve bought one other piece of clothing on sale, also deeply discounted and only marginally necessary.) I wore the new coat to work today but my heavier coat is more appropriate for sub-freezing temperatures. However, the new coat rocks.

I wonder if you were to see your long-distance boyfriend’s fingerprints all over the internet (commenting on your photos, reading your blog (hi babe!)), but he neglected to answer your last email or engage in any direct communication, you might feel grumpy too? Fine, he sent email the day before yesterday. Isn't that enough? Tell me to get a better attitude, lighten up, something! Grumble, grumble, grumble. I suppose I have to get used to this. Soon (in a week? Two? Three?), he’ll be completely incommunicado (we think). I’ll be able to write to him (and I’m sure I will) but I doubt he’ll have the time or energy to write to me (I am SURE he’ll WANT to write, of course. Of course!). I guess I need to get ready to have a relationship that mostly exists in my imagination. Great! A “real life” imaginary boyfriend. Or, as I said to Amanda the other day, “a boyfriend of inconvenience.” Sigh. Grumbling over, at least for today.

Grateful for: hope.

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