Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh my

So, at work, I'm in this temporary space, surrounded in completely un-sound-proof cubicles by my nearest and dearest friends.


Today, so far, I have been treated to a rather lengthy discussion of the relative virtues of more or less ostentatious engagement rings. (Someone in my office is newly engaged, it seems, though that was never mentioned.) I hated overhearing this conversation. I have no interest in discussions about jewelry as a rule (right now I am jewelry, though occasionally I wear a necklace) and even less in a discussion of engagement rings and diamonds. For the record: I hate diamonds.

Later in the day, I was treated to a lengthy discussion of home appliances and the costs of a new kitchen, including whether to get a warming tray in the oven. I quote, "You'll know what it's like when you're a homeowner." Not directed at me. Because if you were me, all you'd have to say is that you wish your fridge were smaller and you're hoping that the parts you used to keep the door from falling off again are actually going to do the trick.

Currently, I'm overhearing a discussion about dating profiles. A woman here at work is sharing the bad/sad profiles of men that she's been connected with on an internet dating site.


Grateful for: the ability to keep my mouth shut at work.

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