Thursday, January 15, 2009

Current affairs

The state of things is: calm. I have house guests from New Zealand--an interesting world-traveling couple I met when I was in Macedonia. Kent and I spent only one night there but encountered four other Kiwis. I hit it off with these two and when I found out they were planning to be in DC after my return date, I invited them to stay with me.

Their first night here, we went to Sticky Rice, a new-ish sushi-ish place. I went there during the opening week for my goodbye dinner. It was better and more organized this time and I liked the food, though the thing I ordered wasn't exactly meal-sized.

I got my guests set up in the living room with lots of sheets and blankets, though I think they both slept in their sleeping bags. Tabitha (the cat) chose their company over mine--which was sad because it took me a long time to get warm in my room, despite wool long johns and a heavy down comforter.

Yesterday, when I got home, the Kiwis were already there and started making dinnner using a variety of things I had in the house (ancient split peas, a can of coconut milk, rice, broccoli, onions, garlic, mustard seeds...never let it be said that my cupboard isn't well stocked!). It was a very decent vegetarian supper and since they did all the prep, cooking and clean up, I was very appreciative.

Today, I think they may be cooking me dinner again--I'm looking forward to it. Are all Kiwi's like this, I wonder? (I think it serves two purposes: it's a nice thing to do for me and it saves them money. Hey, whatever works.)

It was also very cold last night but Tabitha chose my room for most of her evening. Lucky me! It still took a while for me to warm up, but when I did, I slept well.

And that's really all that's happening right now. News in DC is non-stop inauguration but I find myself interested but not excited by the stories. Work is a series of meetings and a lot of stuff I need to read. I start reading but usually stall out after a few pages and revert to internet distractions. Nothing really changes, does it? Oh well.

At least my house is in order, I have a nice new mattress to sleep on, the cat seems happy, and the van is running. For now, life is easy.

Oh, and a couple of overheard doozies:

"You smell good. What are you wearing?"

"Look up the 'Flight of the Conchords.' They're kind of like The Monkees."

No, really, they're NOT.

Grateful for: the easy times.

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