Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It's just after 11pm. I'm all packed. My suitcase is full of gifts/food and a bit of clothing. I have to say, I hate to pack. I avoided it as long as I could but, in the end, I was good. The dishes are washed, the clean laundry is put away and my outfit for tomorrow is selected. I'm ready to go.

Unfortunately, I am not tired. I don't know how I'm going to manage to sleep tonight. I wondered why I didn't want to pack for this trip since I'm really looking forward to it…but just because I'm looking forward to it doesn't mean I don't have any nerves. I suppose it's obvious why.

This is the funny thing about going to see Kent after a couple of weeks apart--I've missed him but I've been reasonably happy on my own (certainly no worse than before he came on the scene). The time we spent together was great but it wasn't so terrible being without him. (To clarify: I would much prefer to be with him, but I wasn't dying.) But today? Boy, was I distracted thinking about our reunion.

Still, it was a good day. I met some US friends for lunch--a woman from my soccer team and her partner. We ate at a great neighborhood place. Excellent. They were planning to visit the nearby Manufacture des Gobelins, an historical and still operating tapestry factory, and I joined them. We took the tour and saw some of the weavers at work, using the old fashioned methods. Pretty interesting.

After that, I did a little food shopping and headed home where I proceeded to relax and not pack for most of the day. I cooked a simple dinner, eventually packed, knitted my socks (almost finished) and, now, I'm wondering about sleep. I always have a problem sleeping before a trip and, I'm afraid, this will be no exception.

Finally, I want to wish everyone back home a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grateful I get to celebrate with good friends this year--even if we're shifting the actual celebration to the weekend. It still counts in my book. I'm also looking forward to introducing my funny American ways to Kent. Too bad they won't be showing football on tv.

Grateful for: turkey.

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