Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prague: day one

Whew, I am tired. It's been quite a while since I've been this tired and it's not merely lack of sleep. Why so tired? Perhaps it's the fourteen hour plus bus ride I took starting yesterday. Did you know there is a system of long-haul buses you can take around Europe? I didn't. Now I do. The trips are significantly cheaper than the train (sometimes by more than 50%) but the travel times are much longer. In this case, we boarded the bus in Paris around 4pm and arrived in Prague around 6:45 (about 45 minutes late--oh, and we were late, in part, because we were stopped by the border patrol who came on the bus and examined everyone's passport or ID card. The just looked at my passport but they took Kent's and a whole bunch of other people's cards away for closer scrutiny. He remained extrememly calm but was a bit miffed that they didn't even give him a stamp as a memento.).
Upon arrival, we found the metro (subway) and went to a hostel we'd picked out before leaving. We had to kill about an hour before they opened so off to Micky D's for coffee it was. Lucky for us, the hostel had a decent, cheap room available. We said that we wanted to leave our stuff and come back but the lady said, "I clean. 20 minutes. You wait." So we waited and got in the room around 9am. I'd say we were both asleep in less than ten minutes. Nice.
After the nap, it was time to start exploring--and exploring we have been for a couple of hours (with a break for coffee and now internet). I have to say, though, that I'm still pretty shattered from the trip. Even a second cup of coffee isn't having much of an effect. I will try and stay awake and alert, though, because this is an exceptionally pretty town--even seen through my sleep-deprived haze. And, I am ready for some good cheap beer. As Kent said, "We're back to normal where beer and meat is cheap and wine and fancy bread is expensive." Indeed.
Grateful for: a decent place to sleep.

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