Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Belated update

The days in Vienna were rainy and uneventful. Talked to several hostel-mates at length: two Canadians, a Brit, a German. I had dinner one evening with a sweet Aussie girl who I may see again when she comes through Paris.

On my first day, I went to the center, saw the Cathedral (Stephansdom). Beautiful but so crowded that I couldn't stand to stay very long. I stopped in an "authentic" guidebook-recommended Viennese café (Café Sperl) and sat for over an hour reading and writing while drinking coffee and eating lunch. I walked through the Naschmarkt, an open-air food and antiques market. All while making good use of my umbrella!

The second day was equally rainy, though it wasn't raining when I left the hostel so I made the mistake of leaving my umbrella. I spent the day hopping on and off trams and finding museums to see. First stop was the Freud Museum. It wasn't great but it was where he actually lived, which was worth the price of admission. Next, I went to the Leopold Museum. Unfortunately, my concentration wasn't great though I really enjoyed the large collection of Schiele paintings. I was particularly intrigued by the landscapes. In fact, I even bought an art book so I could learn a little bit more about his work. I haven't read it yet.

On the way back to Paris, I had a four-hour stop in Munich. I maxed out my walking time but never managed to hit Oktoberfest HQ. Oh well. Plus, rain, rain, rain! Still, it was fun. I bought yarn. [Ed. note: absurd.] It was much nicer and cheaper than what's offered in Paris. I passed a second yarn store on the way back to the train station but I didn't have time to stop.

Exciting news is that I have a potential job team-teaching an English class. It's only three-hours a week (which sounds perfect). It's not clear that they'll actually be able to hire me, but I'm going to show up on Thursday and see what's what. It would be great to have a little tiny bit of structure in my life.

On Saturday night, I joined some American friends to watch the first Presidential debate. Chances are I would NOT have watched the debate if I were back home. As it was, I couldn't help but find McCain likable in his curmudgeonly way. I still won't vote for him but I remain convinced that it won't be a disaster if he wins. At least he's honest. (Not that Obama isn't but I always go into rhetoric overload when I hear him. He did quite well in the debate.)

Since Sunday morning, I've had a houseguest: a great fellow I met while I was in Warsaw. It's a lot of fun having him here but it leaves little time for any private writing-type activity. In fact, he's the first of a series of three visitors I'm expecting! I can't believe that I'm getting all my visitors now after being here nearly four months but I'll try not to complain. I'm enjoying playing tour guide and it's cool to be the person who knows her way around and can order the food (etc.) in French without too much trouble. Paris isn't exactly my city but it's close.

If you don't hear from me for a few days it's because I'm busy with hostess duties. I'll write more when I get the chance.

Grateful for: visitors.

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