Monday, September 08, 2008

Football and packing

Yesterday, in my continuing effort to be sociable and outgoing, I met up with a group of people to watch American football. While many in the group were not, in fact, American (at least one guy was from India and I heard more than one British accent), I felt relaxed in a way I rarely have since arriving. I have mentioned my current love/obsession with football and even though I didn't get to see either of my teams play, it was great to be around football. Ridiculous! As absurd as it is to spend time watching football in Paris, I don't regret for an instant that I went--and I will go again. It was comforting.

Tomorrow, early, I leave for Berlin (and then Warsaw and Vienna). I'm nervous and excited. I started packing this morning by laying all the things I intend to pack out on the bed. Yesterday, I buzzed Spesh and asked him to help me to pack light. He said: two pairs of pants, five t-shirts, as much underwear as possible, a sweater, and one pair of shoes. It's actually close to what I would have done anyway. I will add a pair of shoes, toiletries, pjs, three books, my camera, ipod and affiliated chargers. I do think five shirts for two weeks is plenty--but looking at my shirts, I can't pick which ones to bring. And they're not all tees. I included a couple of long and three-quarter-length sleeve shirts. Truth is, I often don't wear everything I pack, so five is plenty--if I can pick the right five! With the sweater, I'm covered for most eventualities, since it probably won't get colder than about 40 at night--and warmer than that when I'm likely to be out and about. So maybe more short-sleeved shirts? I don't know. Hmm, should I bring an umbrella? Spesh also didn't think I needed a hat or scarf, but I think I'll bring at least a scarf. It provides warmth and fashion at a low weight and may be helpful if the weather turns colder than expected.

Also, because I'm taking the train and will be making connections--and going to three different cities--I'm not taking the computer (Spesh approved). I'm sure I'll have some computer access and I'll post when possible, but I don't feel like hauling the computer around, even though I'd enjoy writing on the train.

I'm still looking at everything I intend to pack carefully laid out on the bed…I have no desire to actually put the things in my suitcase. I don't want to make the final decisions. I don't know why I dislike packing so much. The hardest decision is the second pair of shoes and the right small bag. Ok, I can leave those to the last minute. Why not? It's not like I'm getting any sleep tonight since I'm always restless before a trip. I am glad I'm at least this far ahead of the game. I'll worry less about forgetting something. And, I do have to remind myself: they have shops in Berlin, Warsaw and Vienna, so if I forget something, I'll have a good excuse to get myself a nice souvenir.

Wish me Bon Voyage!

Grateful for: planning.

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